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Iwig Family Dairy

I Love Iwig!

As everyone may know, we take the containers we put our milk into seriously. We believe that the glass bottles preserve milks natural taste so that our customers get the best tasting product they can buy. The glass bottles are also good for the environment, as we wash and use them again for bottling. This week, we received a new order of bottles from our supplier (almost 1600 1/2 Gal Bottles). The order went out for these bottles on the 21st of April and we received them the 1st of May.

Today the plant manager told me that he had already gone through 1/2 of our new half-gallon supply. That means in three days, we have put our milk into 800 new bottles. This is exciting news for us, business seems to be up. However, it’s also kind of scary as well due to the fact that statistically we will not  get a good percentage of these bottles back. As a matter of fact, last year we ordered 15,000 new 1/2 gallon bottles alone.

So, if you have a bottle under your sink, in the garage, rolling in your trunk, stop by one of our locations and let us pay you for it. Better yet, if you haven’t had our milk in a while, bring your bottles back and get some more. We really want to clean it, care for it, and fill it back up so you or someone else can enjoy our fresh dairy products.


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