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Iwig Family Dairy

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Well our first month of the “Race to 50,000 Bottles” promotion has ended here at the Iwig Family Dairy. In both our farm and Gage stores, we sold 4533 bottles of milk. That’s just shy of 5,000 a month that we would need to sell to get to 50,000 by the end of the year. As far as the referral cards go, we have given out almost 2000 of them! Only a few of the cards have came back, but we figure it’ll take a little time. We are so glad that our customers are ready and willing to promote our little dairy and it’s products. Thanks to all of our customers for your support!


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Despite a minor setback with some of our ingredients, everything in the plant is going pretty well. We are kicking out milk, butter, and ice cream as fast as we can produce it. Hopefully, depending on bottles, we can have a new flavor out soon for everyone to enjoy.


Soon, we will be using this blog a little bit more, as well as other forms of social media as time progresses. Keep an eye out for our new Emails. We are going to reformat them a little bit and include some “Iwig Ideas” for recipes. If you have any great recipes that use our dairy products, feel free to send them to


Thank you everyone, we appreciate every single one of our customers!

-All of us at the dairy

Well, it’s time everyone! Come on in and get your referral cards at both the Gage and farm store locations. If you are unfamiliar with the “Race to 50,000” promotion, take a look here. Thanks everyone!

The Iwig Family Dairy has been bottling and supplying premium milk to Topeka and the surrounding areas since 2004. Our wholesome, rich, flavorful milks are enjoyed by our wonderful customers every day. It’s these customers, you in fact, who make us able to continue producing milk. So, we’ve decided we would create a little challenge for both our customers, and ourselves. Iwig Family Dairy wants to sell 50,000 1/2 gallon bottles of milk combined from both our farm and Gage locations before the end of the year. We are convinced that you, our customer, are the most important asset we have to accomplish such a goal. So read on, and let the “Race to 50,000 Bottles” begin.
Here’s how this works:

– Starting March 1st, both the farm and Gage store will have customer referral cards. These cards can be used by any of our customers to refer friends, coworkers, family, or even a random person on the street to try a half gallon of milk. You sign and date the card, hand it to the person you would like to refer, and if they come in and buy a half gallon of milk using your card you get a point. The more people you refer with your signed cards, the more points you get. At the end of the contest, if 50,000 1/2 gallon bottles are reached by the end of the year, the top 5 people with the most referral points get one ½ gallon of milk per week for an entire year. That’s almost $200 worth of milk!

So, to summarize:
– Pick up some referral cards to hand out
– Every time a card you signed is used, you get a referral point
– If the goal of 50,000 bottles sold by the end of the year is met, the top 5 people with the most referral points get one free ½ gallon of milk per week for a year

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Our ice cream guy has been working overtime creating a delicious array of our exclusive Iwig ice creams. At both of our stores, you may find a wide selection of flavors. New flavors hitting the shelves this week include Vanilla Bean, Orange, Peach, Pumpkin Pie and Snowdrift Driveway (kind of a vanilla rocky road.) We also have a generous supply of traditional favorites such as Vanilla and Chocolate as well as the locally famous Brown Bread. Currently, we have 19 different flavors of ice cream in our freezers available for purchase. In addition, you can purchase 1/2 pint size portions at our Gage store along with a spoon for immediate consumption. Stop by and check out our flavors. Hands down, this is the richest, most flavorful ice cream you will ever taste.