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Dear loyal customers,

 Here we are a year later after our first equity offering, and things have gone farther forward then we could of hoped for. We appreciate everyone’s generosity in their purchase of Iwig Family Dairy LLC equity shares. We were able to enact part of our plans, but due to the requirements of Kaw Valley Bank and the FSA, we were unable to purchase and install a short time pasteurizer. This pasteurizer would have saved us upwards of $1000 in operating costs per month. However, we were able to open a new retail location on Gage which has been hugely successful for us. Also, we were planning to use some of the money to start a generic plastic line. This would have been a very low margin product line that when discussed with many of our customers and investors, we found that most people were against the idea all together.

 Now, going forward, we believe that due to the success of our gage retail store, the retail store model would also be highly profitable in Lawrence. This being said, there are start-up costs to be considered when opening this new location. We will have to outfit it with coolers, equipment, etc. The state of Kansas has provided a new program to Kansas businesses which allows them to sell shares in their business without the rigorous filing procedure we went through with our first offering. We are the first Kansas business to be approved for this program. This allows you to invest in our business quickly and effectively.

 We believe the retail store model will allow us to continue our work at the dairy in a comfortable range of profitability. In the future, we also hope to offer yogurt made at our dairy which will be packaged in glass jars to preserve flavor, just like our milk. This product expansion could also be funded by the sale of equity shares in the company. If you would like to invest in our business and help us realize our goal of opening a new Lawrence location and continuing the growth of the dairy please call us at 785-379-9514 or send us an email at First quarter financials are available on request.

Thank you,

Tim Iwig
Owner – Iwig Family Dairy LLC.


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